Our Standard heat blankets are consisted of materials able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees F. The core of the blanket weighs 15 oz. per square foot and is made up of 1" thick high temperature, mechanically bonded, needled fiberglass insulation mat. It is efficient during extended exposure to elevated temperatures as it contains no binders. The outer fabric weighs 2 oz. per square foot and is made of heat cleaned, high temperature resistant fiberglass cloth rated at 750 degrees F. The inner layer weighs less than 1 oz. per square foot and is composed of 304 stainless steel knitted wire mesh with a wire diameter of .008 inch. As this is the layer laid next to the heat source, the mesh is temperature rated at 900 degrees F. continuous and 1200 degrees F. intermittent. The thread we use is a 304 stainless steel high temperature sewing thread constructed with 10 strands of .0017 wire wound and covered with 3 flame retardant polyester threads to prevent metal to metal wear. All of the accessories used on the Standard heat blanket are produced of certified 304 stainless steel, able to tolerate high temperatures without compromising strength and durability.

We also offer specialized thermal applications that can be rated into the 2000 degree F. range to safely insulate equipment that requires a more intensive solution. These optional higher temperature tolerant materials are quoted as needed to ensure that the application is sensible to the thermal needs of the equipment and its environment. Also, if immediate surroundings permit, the blanket can be constructed thicker than the standard 1" to keep external temperature emissions lower.

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