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Heat Reduction in Steam Room at USC

The newly constructed Annenberg Building on the campus of USC features a spirited interior design that provides a collaborative and creative environment for faculty and students in the School for Communication and Journalism. At Orange County Thermal Industries, Inc., we were invited inside the steam-generation plant of this new building to address issues associated with extremely high temperatures emanating from the many valves, flanges, and heat exchangers housed within the room. With the city inspection looming on the horizon, our mission was to assess the situation and quickly provide a solution for reducing the ambient temperature inside the room and eliminating the risk of personnel injury from contact with the exposed valves, flanges, and heat exchangers.

Our production team spent time on-site to document the configuration and take accurate measurements of the equipment inside the room. Back at our manufacturing facility, we custom engineered removable thermal blankets to fit the exact shape of each element of the piping system. Based on the specifications and thermal requirements, we manufactured the blankets from a detailed layering of high-temperature materials that would withstand the environmental conditions inside a steam plant.

Featuring a precise fit on each individual piece of equipment, the removable blankets comply with UL 723 safety standards. We designed, manufactured and installed the insulation blankets within seven days. The ambient temperature inside the room dropped to acceptable levels and the chance of contact burns from hot surfaces fell to zero.

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Heat Reduction in Steam Room Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Heat Reduction in Steam Room at USC
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design Engineering
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Machining
Material Used
Summus 500
Industry for Use
University Facility
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
City Inspection for Heat Reduction
Delivery/Turnaround Time
7 Days
Delivery Location
Southern California
Standards Met