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Industries Served

Power Gen

New emission standards are causing systems to operate at high temperatures. To eliminate harmful particle matters into the atmosphere insulating key parts of the exhaust system is important. Eliminating heat loss allows the filtering system to perform at an optimal level and there is a reduction of heat within an enclosure. Sound attenuation is also becoming more and more prevalent because of the increased size for power generation units. The undesirable noise created by the units can be greatly reduced through Orange County Thermal Industries, Inc.'s innovative sound attenuation solutions.

Mining/Off Road/Refuse Hauling

Heavy off-road equipment and vehicles is always at risk of costly downtime due to repairs and unforeseen accidents caused by heat. Personnel suffer from uncomfortable environments reducing their productivity. By reducing the heat within the operator's cabins and by insulating key components of the equipment, the total performance is improved. The nature of the waste collection industry demands haulers to deal with unique hazardous conditions. By insulating key components of the trucks the risk of catastrophic fires caused by loose debris are greatly reduced.

Oil and Gas

Refineries rely on personnel and systems that efficiently produce for long periods of time. Insulation allows valves, flanges and other critical components to retain heat and operate effectively. Personnel who are the backbone of refineries are protected from high surface temperature of exposed piping prevalent within their working environment.

Marine & Offshore

Heat and noise generated in the engine room presents the threat of catastrophic engine room fires and extreme discomfort of the crew and passengers. By utilizing thermal blankets on exposed areas within the engine room the risk of fires are reduced and personnel are protected. Noise reduction is always a concern in an environment where space and weight are at a premium. Noise is not only a nuisance to passengers but also becomes a liability to the welfare of the crew. Through innovative sound attenuation solutions these liabilities can be greatly mitigated.


Exceptional performance is critical for success within the racing industry. By insulating key components of the exhaust system, performance is enhanced by retaining the heat within the system which optimizes the efficiency of key components. By insulating the turbo, thermal energy is optimally contained to drive isentropic expansion to the turbine wheel. Utilizing thermal blankets to cover the headers contains the heat inside of the exhaust system maximizing the efficiency of the system and transferring that retained heat to the power enhancing components.


High heat generated by the massive engines presents risks and injury to personnel and discomfort within the operator's cabin. By insulating areas that personnel are exposed to employers reduce the risk of injury, meet OSHA standards and allows the crew to comfortably operate the engine and increase their productivity.

Mass Transit

All mass transit vehicles including buses must have total fire protection insulation according to Dept. of Transportation, Docket 90A. The insulation also enhances the A/C performance and saves energy. OCTI designs and insulates the most difficult walls, floors and ceiling parts of the vehicle.


Personnel protection and meeting government standards are always a concern. Thermal insulation of exposed high heat surfaces helps meet regulating agency standards and protects personnel.