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Sound Enclosure for Refinery Compressor in Spain

Due to our many technical accomplishments in the field of sound attenuating enclosure design and manufacturing, the team at Orange County Thermal Industries, Inc. was approached to build two separate housings for a set of refinery compressors. As part of a skid mounted unit headed for an oil and gas plant located in Spain, we had to meet a very demanding one-month production timeline to ensure the skids shipped overseas according to the OEM's pre-arranged schedule.

Our challenge was to deliver an enclosure that worked within the space constraints on the refinery skid, met the sound dampening requirements, and allowed easy access to the compressor inside. Tapping into our insightful understanding of acoustics and strong qualifications in the field of industrial design, we developed an intelligent solution for housing the compressor. Constructed from aluminum and our Summus Silence insulation material, the enclosure features locking doors that provide a tight seal while the unit is operating to keep noise to a minimum.

When maintenance is required, our innovative design allows the doors to be removed in sections to allow easy access around the entire compressor. The overall structure fits neatly inside the tight confines of the skid and the quality construction aligns with the high standards associated with the OEM product line.

Through coordinated planning and our engineering, technical, and production staff working as a team. We designed, manufactured, and installed these custom enclosures within the allotted time. Acoustical testing confirmed that units complied with the noise abatement requirements in the customer specification.

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Sound Enclosure Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Sound Enclosure for Refinery Compressor
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design Enclosure
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Machining
Material Used
Aluminum Enclosure
Summus Silence
Industry for Use
Oil & Gas
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Noise Level Standard Inspection
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 month
Delivery Location
Standards Met
UL 2200