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Heat Reduction of Water Pump Station

As part of an urban water management project, the City of Garden Grove here in Orange County, California constructed a new reservoir and water pump station. Situated in a residential area with the reservoir and pump house designed to blend in with the surroundings, the facility also serves as a public park. Shortly after this new plant was put into service, the municipality noticed that the three large Waukesha engines housed in the sound-absorbing pump house were generating excessive heat. In addition to extreme heat emanating from the exhaust stacks, the ambient temperature inside the building was reaching elevated levels and heating equipment surfaces beyond the safe-to-touch recommendations.

Our team here at Orange County Thermal Industries was called in to provide an immediate solution. Along with reducing the ambient heat within the building, we needed to eliminate the risk of workers burning themselves through contact with the high surface temperatures on the exhaust piping.

Our design engineers examined the exhaust configuration and developed a single-piece, removable heat blanket to wrap the piping. Using our Summus 1500 material, we cut and assembled three heat blankets that fit this unique pipe arrangement. Along with reducing surface temperatures, the precise fit of the thermal blankets also served to diminish the level of noise within the building and promote a higher degree of sound abatement for the building structure.

With our innovative products and materials and versatile manufacturing methods, we completed the project within a one-week timeframe. Constructed to UL 723 and UL 2200 standards, our products effectively remediated the situation, and the municipality was exceptionally pleased with our performance. To learn more about this project or our thermal insulation solutions, contact us today.

Heat Reduction of Water Pump Station Highlights

Project Name & Description
Heat Reduction of Water Pump Station
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering Design***
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Machining
Material Used
Summus 1500
Industry for Use
Power Generation
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
City Inspection
3 Generators
Delivery/Turnaround Time
5 Business Days
Delivery Location
City of Garden Grove
Standards Met
UL 723
UL 2200