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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What materials make-up your standard blanket?
Ans. The standard blanket consists of 32 ounce gray silicone cloth, 1" temp mat and 0.008 stainless steel mesh.

Q. What is the temperature rating for your insulation blankets?
Ans. The insulation blankets can hold temperature up to 1100 F or more. Based on temperature specifications, material can be matched to hold your required temperature.

Q. Are there different insulation blanket thicknesses?
Ans. The blanket's thickness ranges from .25 inches to 4 inches thick.

Q. Do you produce custom insulation blankets?
Ans. The OCTI design team can customize any insulation blankets to meet your specifications.

Q. What is the typical lead time to produce a custom insulation blanket?
Ans. Our lead time on standard orders is 10-15 business days. Lead time is subject to change. Depending on your needs, lead time may be shortened. Expediting fees may apply. Please contact one of our representatives for more information.

Q. Does OCTI install the insulation blankets?
Ans. An OCTI technician can install the insulation blankets with an added installation fee.

Q. What type of fastening options do you have available?
Ans. We have several different types of fasteners used to secure the insulation blankets such as; hooks, straps, velcro, tie-wire, and springs.

Q. What type of product warranty does OCTI provide?
Ans. OCTI will cover defects and/or flaws in the materials and or any poorly constructed product that does not satisfy the customer's specification up to 1 year from the invoice date. Customer's drawings, dimensions, and specification are needed to generate a quote.

Q. Will our insulation blankets be able to withstand outdoor climates?
Ans. We can use different types of materials to accommodate degeneration caused by outdoor climates.